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    Porsche Centre Victoria Ratings and Reviews

    Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

    Richard Reeson | British Columbia | 2018-05-25

    I am an owner of a 996 and in the last 5 years have spent over 20K on upgrades, maintenance and new tires. I was in today talking to Gary and Chris about dropping the engine for a clean up. Gary has always been reasonable in recommending work on my car. Chris has done all the work on my car and over the years and has always discussed the work with me beforehand such that I fully trust Chris' advice. Furthermore, Chris' work is first class and accordingly I will not go anywhere else for servicing of my car. Both Gary and Chris work hard to establish strong and long lasting relations with the customer as they have done so well with me, and represent your organization very well indeed. Chris in particular is by far the best technician I have ever used (have had lots of BMWs). His knowledge of the cars and the quality of his work is first class and he has over the years earned my full trust. Moreover, by taking the time to discuss the work and to recommend solutions based on my driving experience, he has proven himself to be an exceptionally good ambassador of the Porsche brand and the Victoria dealership. Please pass on my sincere appreciation to Gary and Chris for a satisfying and enjoyable experience at your dealership over the past 5-6 years. After talking to Chris and Gary today, I have booked an appointment for June 4 to drop the engine based on my complete satisfaction with the work of Gary and in particular Chris.

    Lockie McKinnon | British Columbia | 2018-04-18

    I recently purchased a Porsche from The Porsche Centre Victoria. My experience was nothing short of excellent. The overall car buying experience was wonderful and handled with the upmost professional manner. Attentive, caring, it surpassed my expectations. Matt has a tremendous amount of experience with the Porsche Brand and helped me build the perfect car for me. He really understands the subtilties of the 911 and made some great suggestions which ensured that I was 100% satisfied. The excellence does not stop at the Sales office. The Service Dept alone could be the sole reason to take your business to this dealership. The staff and service is what keeps me anchored to this dealership. Chris the senior mechanic is outstanding. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, treats his customers like friends and family, and never allows his workload to become the customer's problem. He really understands the Porsche Brand and always finds a practical solution to any problem or challenge Thanks Chris! I've had 6 Porsches, know a lot of other Porsche owners, have owned a number of other brands over the years as well. Porsche Centre Victoria’s service department is without doubt the best service I've seen anywhere,

    Fred and Cairine Green | BC | 2017-06-13

    Kudos to salesperson Matt Kennard and Steve and Gary in the Service Dept. for terrific customer service during a recent repair we had with our Boxster. It was a challenging situation but everyone stepped up to ensure that we were provided absolutely excellent service and tremendous consideration. We can't thank Victoria Porsche enough! We are more than satisfied with our experience, both in purchase and for servicing. We recommend the dealership and its exemplary staff. Thank you for everything!

    Catalin C | British Columbia | 2017-03-09

    It is an absolute pleasure to buy a Porsche from Victoria. Matt Kennard is the most amazing Porsche sales executive that you can find. This sis my second new Porsche bought from them and I wish I could buy one every day from them. Absolutely the best Porsche experience.

    Bill Quan | British Columbia | 2017-02-06

    Porsche team has always treated me fairly. Being an owner of a 911 and a 996. Theres is no such thing as a budget when it comes to these cars. It's broke fix it.

    Marc Mulvaney | British Columbia | 2016-08-28

    Without question I had the best vehicle purchase experience I've ever had at Porsche Victoria. Love my Cayman! Special thanks to Tyson and the entire team!

    Robert Martin | BC | 2016-05-10

    Gary went above and beyond on my last visit to your dealership! Many thanks Gary.

    Jax | BC | 2015-10-23

    Well I finally have the long awaited GT4. I managed a short drive with the car yesterday and it is fantastic! My primary purpose here though is not to sing praise about the car but to say thanks to everyone who has probably seen a little too much of me lately. It has been a long haul and everyone in the shop has remained courteous and professional at all times to me, I mean everyone that I would routinely encounter when visiting at the dealership. .... Jason, Matthew, Barry, Tyson, Gary, Blair, Spencer, Chris, Marie-Michele and Evan. Then adding the Boxster S to my ever evolving collection led to even more involvement than what would be considered normal contact. They are all a testament to your strong leadership in the dealership. Again, thanks to all. regards, Jax.

    Valetie Ball | BC | 2015-01-04

    Big thanks to Paul in parts for going the extra mile (250km actually) to bring me a replacement tire after a mishap with my 911 C2S on the Gold River road. Good value, GREAT service got me back on the road and home to Vancouver. I'm impressed and I'll be telling all my friends. Well done Porsche Victoria and thanks.

    Imogen Burr | BC | 2014-06-25

    On June 20 I attended the Gain high performance driving school through Victoria Porsche dealership. It was an amazing experience! At the end of the day not only was I thrilled with the cars ability but also incredibly grateful for the patience and skill of the instructors. I came away feeling more confident with my driving and a deeper appreciation for my car. Thank s again, Imogen B.

    Richard Reeson | BC | 2013-05-22

    Hello John: You may recall I had some work done on my 996 last week including replacement of the IMS bearing, RMS and transmission throw arm/ bearing. I want to express my complete satisfaction with the work done by Chris and the management of the work done by you. Firstly, Chris was very professional, competent, personable and caring with regard to the work. He has the necessary expertise, training and attention to detail to ensure the job will be done right. His friendly attitude and obvious love of all things Porsche makes him an ideal representative for your business. Chris's work is the reason I will come back to Porsche Victoria for all my future car needs, such as new summer tires in the fall. John, you treated me with respect and fairness, as well as taking the time to fully explain the work and resulting invoice and cost in detail. I was left with the feeling I could trust you and Porsche Victoria to be fair in recommending the appropriate work and in charging for such work. You, too, are an outstanding representative of Porsche Victoria. Thank you for your good work and for Chris's good work. The experience was enjoyable notwithstanding the bill. Accordingly, only Porsche Victoria will work on my car. I came down to see you this morning to express my views in person. Sorry I missed you but I was able to pass on this message in general to your GM. Hope you don't mind if I drop in from time to time to see you and to look at all the beautiful cars in the showroom. If you can, please send me the Porsche Canada Survey so as to compliment you and Chris in the Porsche Canada forum.

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